When should I use tables?

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I am really confused, I saw it used in newletters for layout, on web sites for content, sometimes <div> tags are used for content and layout....  so CONFUSING!!!
asked Jul 8, 2017 by James Taylor (50 points)
retagged Jul 9, 2017 by James Taylor

2 Answers

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I think you should avoid using them for layouts.
answered Jul 8, 2017 by fingerlickingchickin (130 points)
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Tables should generally be used for table type content. Some developers use them in newsletters so they're better supported by different email clients. This is a hack, meaning it's not a proper way of doing things.

Div's (div tag) should be generally used for layout.
answered Jul 8, 2017 by Lovecode (640 points)
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